Wedding photoshoot with Deluxe Blooms


Everyone has to start from somewhere – and to start from somewhere you have to have either; an idea, inspiration, a helping hand, financial support, but something that HAS to go hand in hand with any of the above; is good strong friendships. Because, let’s face it, without your friends support and the encouragements that you are doing the right things, and you do have the right ideas – you’d feel that every turn you make is wrong. It’s natural for us humans to want and need this support.

For our first professional photoshoot we were extremely lucky to be working with the fabulous and extremely creative Dani Bolser – the creative mind and driver of her growing business Deluxe Blooms.

My biggest challenge whilst setting up Bees London is sourcing professional photographs. Although I did have had a hand in GSCE photography back in the day, developing my own photographs in a dark room, isn’t really an art in today’s digital world, and navigating my way through an SLR definitely needs some fine tuning. To the point, starting up with a strict budget means money on photographers (whilst designing and building jewellery) isn’t exactly at the top of the priority list – for now!

Deluxe Blooms is a faux flower business, specialising in weddings and events (amongst other things such as officer décor, and of course to brighten up any space in your family house).

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